The Best 5 Video Games Projectors – 2023 Buyer’s Guide

The immersive game experience is what every gamer sought after since the beginning of gaming.

Depending on the source, a simple monitor or a TV can do the trick, but projecting the output to a projector screen is a whole another beast.

More often than not, projectors are expensive, and to find one to really fit your gaming requirements may be difficult.

Here are the best gaming projectors on the market for you to choose from.

1.  Optoma GT1080Darbee

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The GT1080 Darbee is built specifically to satisfy the needs of any gamer. This short-throw projector with a .49 throw ration, perfect for games, has vibrant visuals, rich contrast and enhanced response time.

You can easily place it four feet away in order to get a 100-inch image. You will get a full HD 1080p resolution with 3000 lumens of brightness and 28.000:1 contrast ratio. Combining the contrast ratio with the DarebeeVision Image processor you will receive amazing black levels, extraordinary depth, detail, and object separation.

Not only that but with the Enhanced Gaming mode offers a 16ms response time and has the games run at a smooth 60hz with minimal lag input.

The lamp life is quite lengthy, 10.000 hours. So if you truly hate buying a new lamp every year, rest assured. With the GT1080 Darebee, you will get several years of lamp life even you play all day.

As for connectors you have the following: 2 HDMI ports that support MHL connectivity, a 12V trigger output, a powered USB port, an audio output, and a port for adding an optional extra 3D sync transmitter.

Buy yourself a pair of 3D glasses and you can enjoy almost everything as the Optoma will display true 3D content from almost any 3D source.

2.  Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2040

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The PowerLite Home Cinema is known best for its crystal clear image quality. Although being 1080p like the majority of other models dedicated to gaming, 2040 is top of the market when it comes to Contrast Ratio.

It will deliver the best color quality and depth, exquisite contrast levels, and useful lumens. It also supports 3D projection.

It is one of the best projectors for gaming and its main focus resides on the color category/image quality.

Utilizing a 3LCD technology and a Detail enhancement technology, it’s the best you can find outside the 4K or HDR market and is the best fit for brighter rooms.

With only 25 milliseconds of input lag – 1.5 frames at 60FPS -, make it one of the fastest projectors available for gaming. It also has a contrast ratio of 35.000:1, – which is huge – and 2200 lumens of brightness.

The shortcoming comes with the lamp life which only lasts 4000 hours – or 7500 in Eco Mode -. That means around 2 years with 8 hours of use a day. Lamp replacement costs 99$.

Good and solid, it can project over your entire wall – if you have space-.

3.  Optoma HD143X 1080p Projector

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With the new HD143X, Optoma aimed to bring the best gaming experience into your home, and they did not disappoint, not even a bit.

Despite the low price for an Optoma, the HD143X delivers 1080p full HD native resolution images that are well above average in quality. Features like “Vertical keystone correction” realign the picture to fill the screen vertically straight. Another feature is the “Vivid Mode” which adjusts the video when you have daylight coming onto your screen.

The 23:000:1 contrast ratio allows the image to be crystal clear and deliver fine details at 20 feet from an 8-foot projector screen which is also helped by a brightness rating of 3000 lumens. The lamp has a life of 12.000 hours

It is compatible with Apple TV, all gaming consoles – except the original Nintendo -, and Blue Ray DVDs. It is also extra quiet.

Besides all the amazing features and capabilities the Optoma HD141X  also has a built-in energy-saving feature that allows you to save ⅓ of the power.

4.  BenQ HT2150ST

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As we all know, BenQ is the No.1 best-selling DLP projector band. The HT2150ST is one of the top tier products from them made with gamers in mind.

This model delivers beautiful colors, a fantastic contrast ratio, and short-throw projection. Displaying a 1920 x 1989 HD resolution – 1080 Full HD – image quality with 2200 ANSI lumens, a 15.000:1 contrast ratio with no distortion even in 3D, and 6xRGBRGB color wheel, this bad boy is truly made for gaming. The crisp details and rich colors will let you fully immerse in whatever you are playing.

Small room? No problem! The HT2150ST is a short-throw projector that can project up to 100-inch screens from only 3 feet away. Want more? Again, no issue, it can project to a screen of up to 300 inches, you just need to take it further.

Equipped with 2 HDMI slots it can hook up to more than one device, and no matter the device, you will benefit from low input lag.

There are multiple modes that will automatically select the perfect settings and adapt the image to what you are projecting. These multiple modes also include customized gaming modes that will allow you to see the brightest details or the darkest shadows. Game on!

5.   ViewSonic PJD7828HDL

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Even though it is considered an “entry-level” competitor in the gaming video projectors market, the ViewSonic PJD7828HDL is amazing, more so if you take its price into consideration.

This short-throw projector is ideal for small or mid-sized rooms if you want a huge image all the time. we are talking about projecting onto a screen up to 300 inches.

Not only huge but a very clear image taking into consideration the native Full HD – 1920 x 1080 – resolution and the SuperColor IPSMatch technology. The technology combines the color wheel coating with advanced optics grade materials to offer a wide color gamut for incredible images in almost every environment matching the finest IPS LED TVs

You can connect the projector to almost any device by using the HDMI/MHL, VGA, USB Type-A and USB Type B Mini ports.

Delivering 3200 lumens of brightness and a lamp life of up to 10.000 hours, this projector will stick with you for a long period of time. Not only that but it also has an industry-leading warranty of 1 to 3 years. 1 year of lamp coverage and 3-year limited parts and labor coverage. To make it a perfect fit for small rooms, it also comes packing 2 built-in 10W speakers, so it can immerse your whole room in the experience.

We hope you found our selection useful to help you choose your new projector and try a whole new dimension of gaming experiences.

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